New diet theory; Good body fat burns more calories

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New diet theory; Good body fat burns more calories There is a new theory about obesity. They think now that we can fight bad fat with good fat. That doesn't really make any sense when you think about it. Isn't it muscle that burns fat? Scientists say that there are good and bad kinds of body fat. They have always thought that the good fat was what kept babies warm, and was mostly gone by the time we grew up. I guess they mean baby fat, but I'm not sure. Since then they have done a few studies which proved that adults actually still have this good fat in them still, and could use it to lose weight. Now the scientists want to find a way to put this into a pill. I wonder how they could do that without using humans. Scientist's can do just about anything though. They are calling it exercise in a pill because it seems to be getting rid of calories. They also hope that this pill will help with diabetes too. They say that good fat is actually brownish, and bad fat is yellow. Good fat is stored up around your neck area, and bad fat is stored around your stomach area. That makes sense, because older people complain about their waists getting bigger with age. Scientists used imaging that showed how much sugar, and calories, the fat burned. first they did them at room temperature and then later in cooler temps of about 60 degrees. They discovered that Lean people had lots more brown fat than overweight and obese people, especially in older people. They also found that it burns a lot more calories and makes more body heat when people are in a cooler environment, and that women actually had more than men. They might find the perfect pill to keep people a healthy size, which would make them happier, and live longer. That would be

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