New Deal Dbq Essay

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October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, marked the start of the Great Depression. Banks failed, many were out of work, and people lost everything. It went on like this until Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President in 1933, passed a number of bills, and created the New Deal. It not only created jobs for the unemployed, but developed resources and pension for the retired. Roosevelt attempted to solve the problems of the Great Depression with new government relief, security, and farm programs. The worst aspect of the Depression was the unemployment rate, which soared to an all-time high of 25%. One of the ways Roosevelt helped people with the New Deal was with the work relief programs. These programs put people to work doing various jobs and…show more content…
The purpose is to help people save up money for when they can no longer work. It also helps people with disabilities, that are unemployed, and have low to no income. Before, the elderly usually had no money for retirement and had to work longer to support themselves. This helped the Depression because now people knew they had something to live on for retirement, which also gave them more motivation to work when they were younger. Document A, from Only Yesterday says, “The grocer, the window cleaner, and seamstress had lost their savings. In every town there were families which had suddenly dropped from affluence into debt.” Allen is commenting on how bad it was during the Depression in terms of losing money, and while social security helped us out of the depression, it also can help prevent another one. Document E also states, “We propose that children shall be born in a land of opportunity, guaranteed a home, food, clothes, and the other things that make for a living.” The speaker believes everyone should be guaranteed basic rights that make for a decent living and the New Deal, as well as The Social Security Act, helped do
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