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The Great Depression and the New Deal. Causes: 1. Stock Market Crash of 1929 (Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929)2. Bank Failures uninsured banks and thus as banks failed people simply lost their savings. Calvin Coolidge – Government and Business (p.205); was president during the roaring 20s. “the business of America is business” meaning the govt should have little interference, lowered taxes to promote business growth.Women on the Breadlines (p. 212);-LeSueur wrote of the struggles that women faced during the Depression and how they were confined to certain roles. The New Deal(1933-1934) : Alaphabet soup- Public Works admin (built public facilities) , Civilian Conserv. Corps(put men to work on public projects, National Recovery Administration (unconstitutional ), Agricultural Adjustment Act- govt rose farm prices. (Unconstitutional)Franklin D. Roosevelt – First Inaugural Address (p.219): defeated Herbert Hoover 1932- discussed how he planned to combat the depression.Letters to the Roosevelts during the Depression (p.221) Huey Long – Share Our Wealth (p.225)- Feb 23rd, 1934 an address made to provide a decent standard of living for all Americans. Proposed placing a $50 mill cap on fortunes.Roosevelt’s Court-Packing Plan (p.231).- increase the size of the supreme court then bring in new justices to sway the court. Some of the justices wanted to declare parts of the new deal program unconstitutional. However, congress wouldn’t allow it.Glass Steagall Act-didn’t allow banks to be involved in the buying and selling of stocks. Establish FDIC Second New Deal- focused more on economic security and reform.Rural Electirifcation Agency (REA) created in 1935 to bring electrical powers to homes that lacked it. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was created in 1935 to hire Americans to build on public works.Wagner Act- to supervise elections in which employees voted on union

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