New Curriculum Adoption Essay

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In order to understand what went wrong in the newly adopted spelling program that caused scores to fall, a thorough reflection should be made. The reflection could possibly see where a connection between vision and reality broke down. Dillon (2009) talked about the importance of questions in curriculum development. I would first gather my team and think about the following questions: 1) When researching the spelling program, did we look at the generalizability of the results? Was the program successful with a similar student body? 2) Did we give adequate training to teachers to allow them to feel comfortable in the program's implementation? Did we provide meaningful PD? Wiles (2009) suggested that much staff development is not successful due to teachers feeling that the experience is not connected, not providing a rationale, bringing in outside trainers, or the timing. 3) Did we give adequate time to allow for full implementation of the program? What does research show? 4) Has another school with similar culture/ student body successfully implemented this program? If so, let's contact the school to elicit feedback as to what they contribute their success to. Noss (Laureate, 2010) stated that we can gain valuable information from seeing what others are doing with the curriculum. 5) Did we assess whether teachers were implementing the program effectively and with fidelity? Was there full buy in and were teachers involved in the process? How often did we evaluate? What did the data we collect from the evaluations show? As Hess (Laureate, 2010) stated "we must inspect what we inspect." 6) Did we communicate the efforts for the change in this program with all stakeholders to let them know there would be a change and that it may take time for its implementation to show success? After reflecting on these questions, shortcomings

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