New Criticism Analysis in a Play from Ibsen Hendrik: a Doll’s House

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Reveal what Khaled Hosseini means when he claims that Atiq Rahimi's The Patience Stone is an important and courage’s book and gives honor that it is "…a deceptively simple book, women in a spare, poetic style and rich read, part allegory, part a tale of retribution, part an exploitation of honor, love, sex, marriage, war". Khaled Hosseini, the famous author writes the introduction for this book. He said a lot of things that made this book so recommended. Set in Afghanistan, The Patience Stone is a partly allegorical tale of a Muslim wife tending to her comatose soldier husband who has been shot in the neck. As she cares for him, for the first time ever she is able to speak to him without fear of censorship and he becomes, for her, like the mythical Patience Stone to which you tell your troubles and when the stone finally bursts, you are free from your torments. But also this might mean the Apocalypse. The Patience Stone is set almost entirely in one room - the bedroom of the husband and just about the only character who talks is the wife (they are referred to as Man and Woman throughout). This gives the book a strong focus that makes it feel that you are truly in the mind of the Woman throughout. It is a fact before the arrival of the Taliban, Afghan women struggled for basic rights. Tribal law has long denied women their right to work, education, adequate health care, and personal independence. This is why he said this book have part in women spare and exploitation of honor, sex, marriage, and war. This is why the story is rich read and we can feel the tone greatly. It is considerable literary skills how vividly the war on the streets is depicted in the written text, even though the entire tale unfolds within the confines of a single bedroom. Besides that this story is rich of metaphor, symbolism, irony, allegory and knowledge. As Khalled said, Rahimi succeeds in

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