New Classical Approach to Christian Colleges Essay

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Article Review - Week One - The New Classical Approach to Christian Colleges The New Classical Approach to Christian Colleges Article In Review 1. Main Purpose The author is trying to point out in “The New Classical Approach to Christian Colleges” article is that Christian Liberal Arts Colleges are beginning to rebound from the homogenized education that have become prevalent. Back to the basics, back to classical roots they were originally founded upon. 2. Key Question I don’t see a clear question but more of a statement that, there is a new wave of educational reform which hearkens back, teaching on the basis of Biblical principles and viewing education through this scope. 3. Most Important Information New colleges popping up, like St. Andrews, are breaking away from the dominant paradigm in higher education bearing a new generation of classical Christian liberal arts. (St. Andrews) 4. Main Reference Classical Christian colleges are recovering high academic standards, and nurturing Christian character, which equips students for a lifetime of faithful living and vocational pursuits. (St. Andrews) 5. Key Concept(s) The abandonment of academic standards, spiritual integrity and student morals appear to be the key concepts creating a backlash in the current higher educational system. 6. Main Assumption(s) The writers’ assumption is that this is a step back from modern society. My assumption is that the truth in history, literature and spirituality must be viewed through the prism on which our educational system was founded – which was on Christian principles – is not a step back but a giant leap forward in propelling forward thinking leaders based on foundational truths. In other words, World Changers! 7. Implications The scope of the author seems skewed. As our current education system

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