New Architecture Essay

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Similar to graphic arts, sculpture and architecture were eventually transformed from traditional academic style to abstract and form and content. In the earlier centuries, sculptures were not as popular as paining that existed during that time because of lack of personal feeling and sensitivity. During the late nineteenth century sculptors understand that they should go past traditional thinking and express new attitude towards nature. Since that time sculptor had created life like sculptures that forms in energetic action and reflects expressive sensitivities. For instance, Auguste Rodin, who was the dominant sculptor at that time had shown his first major figure The Age of Bronze at the 1877 Salon and had commissioned to design the an eighteen inch high The Gates of Hell. Rather then building the old traditional theology, Auguste Rodin had created Hell that represent a modern existential nightmare. Also sculptors such as Edgar Eagas and Heri Matisse had also created astonishing sculptors during that time. Different, from graphic art, sculptors as well as architecture are three-dimensional form that causes the viewer to form a deeper and a more direct redirect feeling towards the art piece. Also, with a durable material, both sculpture and architecture can resist the crucial weather, which the graphic art cannot. That is the reason sculptures was created as a public art that would serve as a memorial piece to mourn for the dead solders and heroic figures. When thinking about sculpture, it makes viewer question On the other hand, architecture is different then sculptures and graphic art because of its complexity. Even though Architecture is also a three-dimensional form, it reflects the advanced technology, complex engineering skills. Rather then sculptures that reflects personal feelings, architecture serve as a functional structure that provide people with

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