New Approaches for Old Problems Essay

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Is the teaching of sociology at undergraduate level serving its intended purpose to analyse, critique and understand the social actions. Are graduates of sociology really a contributing factor for a better understanding of society. Or are they just mere graduates? These are the questions that are vital to the teaching of sociology as a discipline and also students who are being taught sociology. When the term sociology strikes the minds of students, easy-subject, rote learning, unproductive, monolithic are the thoughts that run in mind. There are plethora of problems that has to be addressed to uplift the perceived status of sociology at undergraduate level in India. Sociology as a subject is never seen on par with other social sciences such as psychology or economics. Unfortunately, sociology is assumed as a 'soft' subject that hardly requires any effort to study. This assumption as a soft subject has its roots in other causes that are also seen as some major flaws in teaching of sociology at undergraduate level. Students are often equipped with the blueprint that makes their way towards graduation much easier. Pieces of text are taken from different sociology books, complied into five or ten page sheet that leads to redemption. Such spoon-feeded education would deprive the students from critical thinking and would be detrimental to the development of sociology at a big picture. Similar to the above problem is the issues of pedagogy at undergraduate level where many teachers assume the role of a mere dictator, resulting in reduced classroom interactions that inhibits the thinking process of students. Also timeline syllabus goals burdened upon teachers, lack of comprehension by students due to lack of simple explanation of teaching material by teachers, pursuit of bringing 'fame' to sociology as discipline by universities through inefficient production of

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