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NEVER TOO OLD TO ATTEND UNIVERSITY When I attended to the University I had too many classmates. Most of them were of my age, but there were also people older than me, some of them many years older. I remember a 44 years old classmate who were an economist, worked in a bank and studied Law with me. He barely had time for anything; however he never failed any subject. Since younger and older students use to do our best effort, now I can say that people are never too old to attend University. First it is important to add that old people is naturally more responsible that younger people. Of course, that it isn’t a rule, but it happens very often. For instance, young people haven’t realized yet about too many thing of the real life that older people haven’t already known, seen or even lived. In order to this responsibility older people are use to studying harder because they know how priceless the time of our lives is. Second, for an older person is more difficult to study just because after all it is obvious that a younger brain thinks faster, however nothing is impossible for a person who really knows what she/he wants. This could be one of the reasons for the strong responsibility of older students. To conclude, since education is so important it could be reason for clapping to see older people attending universities and learning everyday new things. Therefore we have to admire older people who never give up, in order to improve their
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