Never Marry A Mexican

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"Never Marry a Mexican" written by Sandra Cisneros, is a story that revolves around the protagonist, Clemencia. In the beginning, Clemencia said, "I'll never marry...I've witnessed their infidelities, and I've helped them to it" (Pg.1370). In order to prove herself right, she get herself invole in affairs with married husband to show how easily a relationship between a man and woman can be broken. She repeatedly do this because she never witness a marriage with a happy ending except for the people that are having the affair with. The protagonist in this story is living a fantasy where she believes that her current lifestyle will lead her to a happy ending. What influenced her twisted belief is revealed as she narrates about her past and present. Throughout the story, Clemencia narrates about her life and the suffering she had to endure during her childhood by witnessing her parents failed marriage and her mother's secret affair. Aparently, the reason for the failed marriage and the affair is because of a culture gap between the Mexican husband and the Mexican-American mother. The husband expect some traditional traits from the Mexican-American wife, however, the wife is clueless about these traits and fail to please the husband and his family. For example, the husband expects the wife to put out plates and silverware in a neat fashion on the table, but in America, the wife always kept all the plate and silverware in the middle of the table so anyone can grab whatever they needed. Whenever something unexepected happens, the husband and his family would scold the unhappy wife. Due to the constant verbal abuse that the wife recieved, she became unstatisfied with her current husband and yearn for something else. When Clemencia's dad fell ill and is hospitalized, her mom is discovered having an affair with another men by the name of Owen Lambert. After stressing out
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