Never Let Me Go

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A perfect world is described as a place in which there is happiness and peace for all, but peace comes at a cost. Even the most perfect thing has it's flaws. “Never Let Me Go” shows a dystopian world, a utopian future that is overwrought with social dysfunction, where clones are used to make the world better. Are clones really how a Utopian society is achieved? "Never Let Me Go" is a novel which asks a significant question: does possessing humanity make the world imperfect, and should the human race give this facet of their lives up in order to achieve perfection? The judgment of what is important in life varies from person to person. Some people regard love as an important value while others who have never experienced it live just as normal as those who have. In the dystopian world of “Never Let Me Go” the clones are taught about a different number of values in order to prove to the world that they are indeed just humane as a “normal” person. Ms. Lucy, one of the guardians at Hailsham, was somewhat different than the rest of the guardians. She believed the students should be taught everything. Everything about their futures as carers and donors. One day Ms. Lucy had a breakdown after listening on one of the conversations two students were having, they were talking about becoming American film stars, “The problem as I see it, is that you’ve been told and not told. You've been told and, but non of you really understand... If you are going to have decent lives, then you've got to know and know properly... Your lives are set out for you.” (Ishiguro 81) She thought highly about honesty, telling the kids the truth about their lives when other teachers wouldn't. Ms. Lucy thought it was important they knew this information in order to live decent lives. Up until the day Ms.Lucy had her breakdown the kids were in a way being brainwashed with the ideas of their

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