Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Essay

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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover On July 5, 1994 I was born, Larry Jean Mayes, into a world full of chaos and confusion. My life is not an everyday story that you read. My book is read from right to left, with many imperfections and pages still unwritten. At the age of 5, my sister, Jessica, was left to take care of me, my younger sister _____, and my two younger brothers, Pete and Chaves. Our mother was nowhere to be found. After being neglected and having to defend for ourselves for a months’ time, my siblings and I was finally taken out of the dark and brought into the light. April 11, 1999 my life changed for the best. I was adopted into a home of love, care and support. No more did I have to play mom or dad. I finally found a real mom. My brother, Pete, and I were given a home where we had everything, a bed to ourselves, toys and most importantly love. In 2007, teenage years came, and man did they come. Just like any other teenager my age, I loved sports. Football and basketball was my thing. But, even though I enjoyed being in sports and doing what I loved, it was not enough to keep me out of trouble. From the ages of fourteen to sixteen, I found myself constantly acting out in school and at home, causing much distress for me and my mother. I felt like I did not know which way to go. I needed direction and reinforcement. Some tend to think that I needed a father figure in my life, that my mother could not teach me how to become a man and give me the discipline that I needed. Maybe they are right, but I adore my mother and never questioned her judgment. I only made it through one semester of my freshman year at “ASH”, Alexandria Senior High School. My lack of caring for school and disturbing behavior led me to be expelled from school and sent to YCP. The Louisiana’s National Guard Youth Challenge Program is a program that offers at risk-adolescents

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