Never Giving Up Essay

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Anthony Barnes April 20, 2015 Narrative Essay Never Giving Up The phrase “Giving up,” is something I’m sure we all have allowed to slip into our heads at some point in our life. Hopefully none of you actually gave in to that thought or feeling. Giving up seems so easy when we are faced with trials or troublesome times. Specially when we don't see a way out or any relief of whats going on like a light at the end of a tunnel. I am going to try to walk you through a period of time in my own life where I felt like giving up completely and didn't see a light at the end of my own tunnel. It all started when I was at the age of 17. I just came home from a youth event from my church and as I was unpacking all of a sudden my heart begin to beat rapidly! It kept beating faster and faster and just as I was grabbing my chest thinking what is happening I begin yelling for my mom! All I could do was sit on my floor thinking “Was I having a heart attack?” Anything along those lines my mind begin to pounder in what could possibly be wrong with my heart this isn't normal at all! Im a healthy 17 year old boy I workout, I eat healthy and I am constantly thinking about my health. So as we were about to head to the ER my heart begin to slow down to a normal beat and I started feeling normal again. Still freaked out we made a doctor appointment the very next day without a doubt something was wrong. We get to the doctor and they asked all their normal questions trying to assess the problem with my heart. They begin checking blood pressure and even though I felt normal my heart rate was still not at normal level. It seemed to elevate every couple of seconds with me just sitting there doing nothing at all. They come back and said maybe I have a irregular heart beat and maybe I had to much caffeine and so on. So we say okay maybe thats all it was maybe it won’t happen again. The next day I

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