Never Give Up Essay

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David , you know this stuff backwards, forwards, and sideways. “I can do this in my sleep.”The test paper finally reached my desk and I picked up my pencil.As I read over the first problem, I blanked out. It seemed like a tidal wave had hit me and swept all my knowledge out to sea. I tried to do my best on the test trying to remember anything I could but none of my answers seemed to add up. I scratched my head and tapped my foot in frustration. Finally, after about 25 min, I gave up and turned in my test. The next day, the teacher passed our graded test back to us. I knew I did a horrible job but I did not want my classmate to see how upset I was so I just shrugged as I looked at my failing grade. At that point I decided it was no use, no matter how hard I tried on a test, I just couldn’t pass and I saw no use in trying. In the days that followed the test, I became lazy in class. I felt that giving up was so much easier than trying to succeed. I hardly took notes and barely paid attention to anything the teacher said. My grade suffered more than it ever had before I was barely passing the class. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about my parents, if there is one thing they have always told me is that “Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you should give up, but instead push yourself to do better”. They have always been persistent about me trying hard at anything I do, especially in school. I never really understood the concept when I was younger, but now that I am older, I have come to realize the truth behind it. My parents “motivate” me to start working harder. I began asking for extra help from my teacher and began to go to tutoring. I hated it but looking back on it now , I know I am very grateful. I did all of my homework and went over everything I didn’t understand five or six times until I got it. My grade began to show that my hard work had

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