Never Cry Wolf

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Andrew Ortlieb 3-18-13 English Essay In the novel Never Cry Wolf, Farley Mowat builds a relationship with a wolf family consisting of George, Angeline, Uncle Albert, and the puppies. Mowat thinks he has overcome his prejudice thoughts about wolves but in the final chapter of the book he realizes they can be re-ignited by fear. In the final chapter Mowat descended into the wolf den, not knowing Angeline was in there. Later he realized that if he had had a gun he would have shot her. Mowat is shamed that he still holds prejudices after all he has learned about the lupine world. The world of the wolves is peaceful and full of harmony. The wolves hunt for hours at a time and sometimes have nothing to show for it. Mowat witnesses the wolves coming back to the den empty handed plenty of times. All of the members of the wolf world are equal. The wolves don’t fight over anything or have any arguments. They just work together as a team to supply for each other. Wolves do not kill their prey for fun; they use every bit of the meat for their own consumption. A lot of people around the world think wolves are vicious man eating animals. Mowat realizes during his study of the wolves that wolves are kind playful loving animals. Wolves are nothing like what people think they are. The human world is the complete opposite of the wolf world. Humans always have prejudices against others. The human race has always had a tendency to fight and argue with each other. Humans are also very wasteful unlike wolves. Mowat observed men in the arctic that shot a heard of caribou and only took the heads and a couple of hind quarters. Farley

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