Never Again Essay

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I only have three more minutes before the clock ticks to noon is what I thought as I sat in my summer Spanish class at Wayne State University. I can smell the fried chicken wings from my seat. Three minutes later, I was out of my seat and walking into the ninety plus degree weather of Detroit Michigan to get lunch. I casually walked toward the grocery store where I always park my car because there are never any parking spots on this campus. I always went to the University Foods at lunch for my Spanish class. As I approached the parking lot I had a knot feeling in my stomach as if I lost or had forgotten something. The first thing I did was pat myself down like I was being frisked by the cops, making sure I had my keys. Next thing I knew I was at the parking lot looking for my car like a fool, like I didn’t park it in my regular parking spot. Then it hit me, someone had stolen my car. “Did I lock my doors? Did I put my club on? What is my father going to say if it’s stolen?” are all thoughts that raced through my head as I searched the parking lot. Then I remembered the conversation I had with the owner of the grocery store. “You read the sign” Is what he rapidly repeated to me. The sign read “NO PARKING AND WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNERS EXSPENSE”. “You park here again I tow away I tell ya I tow away” he yelled! I thought it was funny and didn’t think anything of it. That’s when I felt my heart jump out of my chest onto the floor. “Noooo!!!!” is all that I could say as I ran hysterically to the grocery store to confirm that my car was towed. Before I could get to the entrance an employee stopped me and dropped the bad news on me. He told me my car was just towed two minutes ago and it cost $115 to get it back. I was so scared. Luckily, I had the $150 in my pocket because after Spanish I planned on buying the latest gym shoes. I didn’t want to

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