Nevada Police Organization Essay

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Abstract The goal of this paper is to introduce the structure of the Nevada Law Enforcement. The paper will look at the organizational structure of all aspects of Nevada Law Enforcement from the merger of the Clark County Police and Washoe Sheriff’s Department. This research paper will show how the different structures within the Law Enforcement effectively work together effectively. This report will also explore the accolades given by radio, television, and other nationwide media’s comments on the many honors, awards and commendations the agency has received since the merger between Clark County and Washoe County. The analysis will also determine the difficulties the organization has had and potentially could have internally. This essay will show the views from LVMPD, Sheriff’s Department, the Highway Patrol, and the U.S. Marshall’s. Nevada Police Organization In 1973 with a merger of the Las Vegas Police Department and the Clark Country Sheriff’s Department, a new organization was born, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). This made the LVMPD (Metro) a “city-county” police force. The elected Sheriff of Clark County is the controller of Nevada’s Law Enforcement Officers. As he is the only elected official (4 year term), his department is not directly accountable to the state, county, or city. Metro serves Clark County city limits and the unincorporated cities around Clark County. Metro has grown to be one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States (Elliott, 1987). The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has two official career paths, which have equal civil services income and rank structure. However, their everyday tasks and responsibilities are different. The first is the Corrections Officer, whose tasks include the direction and supervision of the Clark County Detention Center, which currently there are 750

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