Nevada Constitution Essay

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Question 1 Dual federalism came about during the Civil War. This type of federalism was based on the idea that the national government was in charge of ONLY foreign policy and defense, where as the states were in charge of every thing else. The reason why the United States used the system of dual federalism is because the United States was growing so fast! States were being populated. This type of federalism was known also as a layer cake, the national government and state government were not intertwined with one another. One could function without the other. Cooperative federalism worked as if it were a marble cake, one could not function with out the other. They were intertwined and if they were separated the United States would fall apart. In further explaining, the state and national government had to cooperate in solving problems. Example being, the national government would come into the state and build a bridge but in order to do so they had to buy supplies locally. New federalism shifted from a nation-centered government to a state centered government. An increase in state power was seen which led to government spending. Example being the Welfare reform Act of 1996 - gave states the ability to spend federal dollars as they saw fit. Additionally, the monetary aspects of federalism include 3 types of grants-in-aid. Categorical grants which are grants that are for a specific purpose. These grants have very high restrictions. Project grants are the second type, must be applied for. These are types of grants that are given towards research programs. The third type of is the block grants. These are provided by the federal government and can be anything from education to transportation. Question 2 Americans have long believed that centralized power threatens liberty. Having the power separated into two levels of government stabilizes the people

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