Neutraceutical Essay

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Literature Review Imagine a chocolate bar that is actually good for you. It's so healthy that you are advised to eat as many as two a day. Your thighs won't get fat and your cholesterol levels might drop. It sounds like a fantastic dream but this product already exists. The functional and fortified foods market is thriving on a customer base that demands enormous benefits from its food - regardless of diet. (Functional food, 2005) Neutraceuticals are known as food based products that are sold in a more medicinal form with links to physiological benefits and prevention of future potential disorders. Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements used to fill nutritional deficiencies in food and to prevent diseases. Nutraceuticals are divided into 3 segments - functional foods, functional beverages and mineral supplements. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients constitute 85% of the global market while anti-oxidants and herbal extracts accounting for 10% and 5% respectively. Fast food and junk food contributed to the rise in diet related illnesses including cardio vascular disease, certain type of cancers, obesity and diabetes, health concerns are the main priority for consumers, governments and the food and medical industry. The problem is no longer a local issue but a global phenomenon with obesity level spiraling out of control. Nutrition is a poorly understood concept in India. The percentage of people who are properly nourished is very small. The imbalances of nourishment patterns give rise to three categories of people: Over-nourished (about 80 million); Under-nourished (about 380 million) and Nourished with calories but not nutrients (about 570 million). The entire population below the poverty line have been considered as under-nourished; irrespective of their calorie intake. Similarly, the people who consume less than 175 gm of fruits and vegetables in a day have been

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