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Neuroscience For Kids Essay

  • Submitted by: robertcalvo
  • on March 29, 2009
  • Category: Psychology
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Psychology 100
Website Review: Neuroscience for Kids
“Neuroscience for Kids” was a fun website, well put together to educate children on the importance and functions of the brain. Although the website is aimed for children it goes over many things discussed in class. Its useful information is put into terms for children to relate to, as well as adults. The website is divided into many different sections. There are sections to explore the entire nervous system, a fun section of activities and experiments, teaching material, and much more. The activities section was mainly aimed for ages k-12, but I got a lot of use out of it. There was “neuro- jeopardy” which was a game that made me realize I didn’t know as much about the brain than I thought I did. There was also a coloring book on the different parts and sections of the brain, which would be extremely helpful to memorize the location of the different parts.   Each section has more links and stories about the related topic.
My favorite section was “Exploring the Nervous System”; in this there were many pictures and descriptions showing how the spinal cord interacts with the brain. There is a section on the “split brain” experiment, which was discussed in class. Not much information was given about the reason for the corpus callosum to be split, but it went over the effects that the operation has once it is performed. In the website it states the result as, “each half of the visual field projects to the opposite site of the brain (crossing in the optic chiasm), it is possible to project a picture to either the right hemisphere OR the left hemisphere.” This was proven in the same experiment performed on the video which was played in class.
This website could be useful to students of all ages. I learned many things about the brain and the nervous system, and I enjoyed the activities that were suggested. This does not only have to relate to students that are interested in the brain. It is a fun way...

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