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To understand Neuron you must first understand what they are. They are the building blocks of the nerve system. Their job is to conduct electrochemical impulse. Neuron has six parts that make this job possible, the cell body and its branch fibers. The cell body is life support and where the nucleus and the different types of the organelles is located. Extend out from this the dendrites and axon. The dendrites is a tree-like structure that obtain messages from other cells. It the input and information outflow. A finer, cable-like projection called axon carries nerve away from the cell body. Sometimes it carry it back to it. Next, is the neural impulse, which is the electrical discharge that movements along a nerve fiber. Then, terminal branches of the axon that form connection with other cells. Finally, myelin sheath. It wrap the axon of some neuron and helps speed neural impulse. When the cell membrane is stimulate a rapid change in the membrane potential occur. This is called action potential , or in other words nerve impulse. It’s created by the movement of positive charged atom in and out of channels in the axon membrane. If the charge is powerful enough it can causes depolarization and channels to open like falling dominoes. During depolarization, a little farther along the axon another action potential is produced. Gates in this nearby area opens up and charge sodium atoms rush in. At the same time as, a rest potential is going on. This a positive outside/negative inside state. The neuron pump in the cell membrane transports the sodium ions back out of the cell and fire again. Action potential continues speedily down the axon. The first section has completely recharged. Hence, neurons are important the nerve system. They creates an electrical charge using their six parts. Without them the nerve system couldn’t get the messages it need in order to

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