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Networks Essay

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bob hallord

Monitoring Employees on Networks


Matthew D. Gonzalez


Email benefits an organization in numerous ways and allows employees to receive important information very quickly. When an email system is in place executives can receive certain data that the information system doesn’t send to them. Also many employees spend twenty five percent of their work related time sending emails. Companies can limit the time employees spend by monitoring there computers and letting them know when their email time is up.

The path of an email in an organization goes through a chain before it leaves an organization. First, the email is sent to a department where it is checked to ensure it is ethical and has no classified information. If it is found to be unethical it is then sent to executives that see if it is suitable for legal action. If the message passes the test it is sent to the person that was intended to receive it. The message that didn’t go through will be used in court before it is deleted because they use it as evidence.

The effect of instant messaging in businesses can waste more valuable work time because people tend to worry more about that then their job at hand. Companies have to have a very strict policy and monitor it to ensure that they are receiving a quality amount of production from the worker. Most places don’t have instant messaging in place because it causes less production from workers. The benefits of having this type of system in place are great because you waste time walking from one place to another to retrieve information. Also workers can send data to each other which helps production because you are saving time by not having to walk to another work station. Although it saves time for many important things it can also bring production down like I mentioned earlier.

There are plenty of benefits to having a web page for a business. Advertising your product can boost your profits and allow customers...

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