Networking Concepts And Applications Essay

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Networking Concepts and Applications Professor: Lynn Risley Sunday, October 2, 2011 iLab 5 * How is background traffic affecting the FTP traffic? We see that the response is much greater with the background load. * Theorize possible solutions. Whenever time the FTP traffic is seeing this type of Degradation we can increase the size of the network capacity in that location. We could also bring the subnets closer * What would be your recommendations from the analysis? Identify what is background traffic and what is FTP traffic. Just as in telephone calls, noise is a big problem but we can resolve this by making sure that our cabling is correct. Just like “Cross-talk occurs when one circuit picks up signals in another. You experience cross-talk during telephone calls when you hear other conversations in the background. It occurs between pairs of wires that are carrying separate signals, in multiplexed links carrying many discrete signals, or in microwave links in which one antenna picks up a minute reflection from another antenna. Cross-talk between lines increases with increased communication distance, increased proximity of the two wires, increased signal strength, and higher-frequency signals. Wet or damp weather can also increase cross-talk. Like white noise, cross-talk has such a low signal strength that it normally is not bothersome. (Fitzgerald. Business Data Communications and Networking, 10th Edition. John Wiley & Sons p. 123).” Add an additional subnet between DC and Atlanta, and or add build a ring topology and route the traffic in different paths. * * * * *
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