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Institution: Name: Course: Date: Executive summary When an organization intends to come up with a robust network a system to manage the network should be one of the greatest priorities. The reason being there are many potentials occurrences which often shoot up from the network which will need immediate attention for the stability of the network, which to noted and be brought to the attention of the network manager for action. In the network management an event is defined as a catching of a certain condition in the network and they are always distinct examples of an event is the device reset .For an alarm it is just a reaction to one or a group of events, the system upon occurrence of an event it raises an alarm to the administrator and it only ceases once the event has been worked upon. It is now evident that all types of events in the network should be acted by the management system equally for the smooth operations (Cho et al., 2008). However, there are some events categories that are common and may require keen attention from the network manager. The following paragraphs will highlight some of those User Action events haven Data Definition Language in which the user and changes organization of concepts of an object for example if user adds one column to an existing table. It is easy to describe a category of an event or a transaction based on an event that has the possibility of triggering any alarm and causes the management team to let the network manager know. It becomes difficult however due to limitation of the description of such events. The network needs and architecture have an influencing factor in describing the events or the event-based transaction. This may cause the network manager to raise their eyebrows RMON (Remote Networking Monitoring) is a broad category of events that may cause an alarm to the network manager. This category of events is

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