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Switching, LAN, & Internet Routing Protocols NAT also known as Network Address Translation is a method that is utilized by network administrators in setting up IP addresses for network transmission. Network Address Translation allows a piece of network equipment such as a router to behave in such a way as a negotiator amidst public and private networks. Network Address Translation allows the ability for organizations and users at home to utilize an individual IP address that constitutes as a whole collection of computers operating an entire public domain. In the translations section of the Network Address Translation scheme, where the private and public addressing comes into play, it permits a computer or a set of computers that are already configured with inside addresses to be imprinted with external addresses. This is what allows them to communicate among other computers via the Internet (Tyson, 2015). Furthermore, the Network Address Translation method will aid in controlling all private and public parts of the network as it will be able to seclude the inside and outside addressing ranges. Network equipment operating within a private network will allow the address isolation to become a bit more self-reliant of the IP addresses of the computers within the public grid. NAT basically serves three key points which allows a firewall to conceal internal IP addresses, permits organizations to utilize additional internal IP addresses and because they are utilized within the organization, there will be no way for any issues to occur with IP addresses used by other businesses (Tyson, 2015). Finally, NAT will permit a business of some sort to mix many ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) interconnections into a sole internet link. So even if a single computer that resides on a local network holds a certain IP address, outside networks will only be able to view the

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