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Interview on Business Networking Name Institution During our business life we work quite hard to get what we want or to become what we desire to be. Therefore it’s necessary to have proper networking in business and by which we have various questions which we can answer in order to understand more about the topic as far as business networking is concerned. Various questions can come up with the wide scope of business networking which include: What is networking? What is the idea brought about by business networking? And why we use or overhear it during our business careers? In the essay you are going to read about two business people that they have been in the business for quite a long time and the transformations that changed the life of each one of them. Moreover, you’ll read what made them to resolve to venture in into such business enterprise in the long run. The first person that you are going to read is Ken Conrad; a person who was born in November 12, 1986 in Halifax and had a lot of things that he pursued in his career before he eventually became a business person. He studied Bachelor Commerce (finance option), and afterwards he graduated from Dalhousie, Halifax He lived with his parents and had one brother who was younger than him. The first job he secured after his graduation from Dalhousie University was working with the University in the department of business accounting and aiding students and support staff in their finances. He wasn't in a full-time accounting employee but he found that business accounting was the key in his eventual success since his dream was to work with the government of Canada as a senior Accounting officer working with various multi-national companies and at the same time serving the country’s populace in general. The main reason he chose to work at Dalhousie University as in the department of

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