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Scalability Personally I don't have chance to set up the networking systems. Therefore, I'm using the mix of researching and personal opinions to provide this report. The most of networking companies are starting from measure of scalability for the business first. "Scalable Network Management and Enhanced Security for Growing Small and Medium- Sized Businesses: With your employees, your customers, and your overall business profitability increasingly depending on your network applications, you need a high-performance network foundation that can meet continually evolving demands. Software provide the security, availability, and scalable manageability to support your growing business, both today and in the future". ( Central locate with Server and Security Based on current employees and the business information. High potentially grow that ability for an increasing business and employee that could easily share a single central location to share the system also this central system can be enhancing with loaded application and server by adding new functionality, maintain and performing, regardless of expansion from LANs to any local area in the building and offices. It could be using of central database system with costless raid database with win server for this company can use. However, I might be putting more money on the software or application to consist of networking system for better upgrade and mange the systems with less cost effect for the system. I do know that central database system has cost advantage from personal data file for different dept and employee special networking set up with wire and wireless that configuring with security. "If the same data is stored in more than

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