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Developing a free Wi-Fi to the city of New York is not anything but this process will cause you a lot of money in this project, you either. If it is such a great idea, go ahead and invest in the Wi-Fi equipment and place it all around for others to use. Or that's right; you can get local high speed internet service. Typically this will mean cable internet or DSL, but in some cases will mean satellite internet service. You can operate a wireless router from a dial-up connection, but it would require having a server connected to the internet at all times for it to work and it would be just as slow as dial up Decide how far you need to go with your Wi-Fi ready device. This will determine what type of Wi-Fi router you end up purchasing as most expensive Wi-Fi routers intended for company Such networks go far beyond the existing piggybacking opportunities available near public libraries and some coffee shops. The basic premise of carpeting an area with wireless service in urban centers is that it is more economical to the community to provide the service as a utility rather than to have individual households and businesses pay private firms for such a service. Such networks are viewed as capable of enhancing city management and public safety, especially when used directly by city employees out in the field. They can also be viewed as a social service to those who cannot afford private high-speed services such as DSL. When the network service is free and a small number of clients consume a majority of the available capacity, operating and regulating the network might prove difficult with this free Wi-Fi technology advancement. companies with existing cell sites offered competing paid high-speed wireless services where the laptop owner purchased a PC card or adapter which uses communications based on EV-DO cellular data receivers or WiMAX rather than 802.11b/g. High-end

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