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Networking Network’ is a heavily overloaded term, (Brandes, Ulrik, and Thomas Erlebach (Eds.). 2005) while it can means different things to different people. My focus in this dissertation is socially network. How to make that first impression count? When, where, and why we should network? Let find out why it is important to network. Why do we network? “An individual is usually defined as an indivisible, self-contained unit, with a separate, independent existence of its own. But individuals in this absolute sense are nowhere found in Nature or society, just as we nowhere find absolute wholes. Instead of separateness and independence, there is co-operation and interdependence, running through the whole gamut, from physical symbiosis to the cohesive bonds of the swarm, hive, shoal, flock, herd, family, and society (Arthur Koestler, 1967 p. 67).” Research over the past 60 years or so has attempted to better understand the role peers play in child development. “Studies have explored the influence of friends and how being liked or rejected influences social and academic outcomes. Less research has considered the greater social network in which children are embedded and how direct and indirect relationships within the network may differentially affect each child (Reich , 2006).” As you can see, our social ties, started even as a young child. To create these ties, we must conduct ourselves accordingly whenever or wherever we are in society. When and where do we network? Social networking can take place anywhere, training sessions/classes, holiday parties and gatherings, or a sponsored networking events etc.. What you should keep in mind is that is that first impression. There is never a bad time to make a first impression. When you walk into a room full of people gaze around a little be aware of whose and what is around you. Stand upright and hold your head up.

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