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Selvin Herrera July, 28 2012 Networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and customers. Ward, S. (n.d.). Networking is one of the most valuable career management resource, and it was indicated by Harvard Business School that almost 80% of all jobs in the last 10 years were the result of networking. Networking help by gaining information about a firm or industry, it narrow the choices for careers, job search, academic majors or internships, meet new interesting and influential people, and connects with people who can assist and support career management activities. It is very important to use proper etiquette when networking. One of the most important things to remember about networking etiquette is to say please and thank you, other than to be mindful of other people’s time. It is very important to be polite when talking to someone and if I ask that person for something and I say please and thank you, that will help me advance in my career and take me into a whole new level, where I can be recognized and respected. Using networking as a job search tool can be a challenge at the beginning because, I don’t really know anyone and I don’t know who to ask for directions or help. But once I began to know people and we interchange words and business card, I would know that this person could really need my help and he may need mine and so we both would benefit from it. References Ward, S. (n.d.). networking. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from Whitman, D. (2011, May 25). Five Keys To Networking Etiquette For Your Career. Retrieved July 29, 2012, from Networking. (n.d.). Retrieved July 28, 2012, from

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