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Freddie Ruth Jr. Comm 3590 Extra Credit Paper October 12, 2011 Re: Networking Seminar Summary After attending the seminar, I realize the importance of networking and thought it was successful enough to attend more. While networking can lead to positive outcomes for an individual, networking is predominately about building relationships with people. One sole benefit of networking I will come to discover is that the more you network, the more you are connected to the world and all the amenities it holds. Another lesson learned at the seminar was how to network. I was thinking that networking meant going to meet people solely. Networking can also be exercised via faxing an individual or group of individuals, emailing, sending regular mail (although not used much now) as well as telephone conversations. The point is to take full advantage of every possible source available that can connect you with an individual or group of individuals. Another lesson learned about networking is the myths associated with networking. One should be stern with their voice, one should have good posture when networking. One should also remember to home in on what you expected to get from a particular networking session for they are different. It’s an advantage to know your audience so you can e prepared to converse appropriately. Doing research prior to attending can also be a benefit. In concluding, networking in today’s society is essential to broadening your scope and knowledge of today’s world. One must connect and associate themselves with people in order to be able to effectively know and express their qualities to individuals in an effort to broaden

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