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Why Networking is important in today’s business environment Hi my name is Ruth I work for a fantastic company that develops retirement villages for those over 55 called Hindmarsh; the company is made up of many divisions. I work for one particular division called Hindmarsh Living; I manage one of their villages called Bellerive at Lyons which is still in its early stages of development with a completion date not until 2014. And most importantly I have a fear of Networking! You have heard many ideas tonight about networking and why networking is important in today’s business environment; simply put in the business world it means getting involved with the outside community to; 1. Put a face to your business and to give your business a presence outside of its own four walls. 2. To help grow your business through associations with other business owners. A famous saying and I am sure you have all heard it is “it’s not what you know” but “who you know” Icebreaker!!! I was very fortunate mid last year to meet a gentleman by the name of Phillip Jones who is the founder and director of an organisation called Smooze. Through a wide program of workshops, informal networking functions and seminars, online forums, and services, it brings together people in a welcoming atmosphere that cuts across industry sectors in a shared manner. They’re not your typical networking group, but rather use the ways and means of networking to foster great connections, inspire their members and guests, and aim to create opportunities for them. Reference Has anyone heard of them? If you get the change have a look at their website Having attended one of these Schmooze function I realised how little I knew about networking and the skills involved. I found myself mingle with people that I knew rather than stepping out of my comfort zone and

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