Network Topology and Wiring Essay

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Networking Topology and Wiring Luv Touchet NTC/361 November 3, 2014 Bruce Yamashita Networking Topology and Wiring The following paper will give the audience a general idea of what network topologies are. A brief description will be given of each network topology explaining the difference between each one and the use of these different topologies in health care organizations. The size of an organization will determine which network topology is best suited for that particular organization. In order to understand the proper network topology to choose for an organization, one must have general knowledge of past and current network topologies. “Network Topology refers to the layout of a network and how different nodes, peripherals, and links in a network are arranged or connected to each other and how they communicate to computers through devices such as, switches, routers, or hubs (Beal, 2011).” In the past there were many different network topologies to choose from, but since networking solutions has become simpler and more cost efficient, some of these topologies have become obsolete due to the complexity and its high cost. Network topologies describes the layout and interconnection of a computer system network, which consist of the physical topology and the logical topology. “The arrangement of cabling and how cables connect one device to another in a network are considered the network’s physical topology, and the path data travels between computers on a network is considered the network’s logical topology (Tomsho, 2011, Chapter 3).” Although there are many network topologies that an organization can choose from, there are five common topologies that are used today. These network topologies include star topology, tree topology, ring topology,

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