Network System Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods was chosen for this assignment. Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty foods store with locations throughout the San Diego area. The three locations are in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas with each store having approximately 8,000 square feet. Kudler Fine Foods has items from all over the world so having a good network system in place is a must. This assignment will discuss what Kudler Fine Foods’ current system is. The assignment will also discuss what system would be better for the type of service Kudler Fine Foods offer. Each of Kudler Fine Foods stores has their own networks with many of the same components and characteristics. One of the same components that each store has is that they all carry the…show more content…
The bus network allows the components to be connected via CAT5 to the bus or communication line. This set up allows the people to view how the traffic will flow. The bus topology is similar to networks at people’s workstations, servers, and standalone UPS. The bus topology can also show how the WAN (Wide Area Network) connects with each of the stores. Kudler would need WAN because of the stores being spread out across a metropolitan area. Kudler would need routers in each of the stores. The routers will allow Kudler Fine Foods to filter data and also connect Kudler Fine Foods to different networks. The router will work the Gigabit Ethernet which has a peak performance up to 1000 Mbps. Kudler Fine Foods will have to connect a PC’s network interface card (NIC) to the modem or router. The cable that Kudler Fine Foods should use is the CAT5E. The CAT5E is to enhance CAT 5 cabling. The CAT 5 is used for 10/100Mb Ethernet and works for voice as well. The CAT5E will help prevent cross-talk and works for 10/100Mb and 1000Mb or Gigabit Ethernet. The cable will allow the computers to be connected to a hub. Unless there is a crossover cable, each computer will make a single lead to a port on the hub. There needs to be enough ports for each of the computers on the network. For an instance La Jolla has six computers so that mean that there will have to be at least six ports unless La Jolla were to get more computers. Del Mar also has six computers what means that they too will get six ports at least unless more computers get installed. Encinitas has four computers. So Encinitas will need four ports unless more computers are getting added. Now if the hubs need to be connected together, it would be allowed on a larger network. Kudler Fine Foods may also have to update their operating system to find one more compatible with the new network
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