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Network Security Problems University of Phoenix CMGT/441 Professor: Bradley Andrews December 20, 2010 Network Problems As more business are connecting their systems to a network and using the internet this can cause some major problems to the business. When all the computes in the system are connected, one computers user problem is able to affect everyone is the network. It is considered being to have the larger impact for security breaches, data loss and viruses when creating a network. It’s important to maintain all data secure through regular housekeeping like for example, password routine and system logs and backing up files. On the article “Common Network Security Problems” by Radell Hunter, she discussed the most common network problem and how they are caused. A Common problem: Employees “Humans make mistakes; sometimes that is due to inexperience or improper training, and sometimes it is because an incorrect assumption was reached. But regardless of the reason—and the lack of malicious intent—something as simple as a keyboarding error has the potential to cause a worldwide internet outage.” (Hunter, R. 2010) The author gives a potential reason why employees can be a common problem when securing a network system; this true when the network administrator has not established any access denial system to the user’s computer. The network administrator can have a particular computer to have access to certain areas of the network and also to have access to certain web sites. Human error can be limited with a well administration of the network. One of the things that can be agreeable on the article is that training employees. This can help a lot in maintain the network secure. A Natural Problem: Nature “But another common network security problem isn’t the result of human error or intent; some other common network security problems are

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