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Network Operating Systems Andrew Roderick POS/355 July 4, 2012 Terance Carlson Networking operating systems are in every major computer on the market today. Without a networking operating system there would be no way to connect computers together to connect to the Internet. Just like standard operating systems there are components that control how information is processed and pulled from the World Wide Web the two network operating systems that will be discussed are Windows NT server and UNIX/Linux. Because each operating system has its own set of features and mandated protocols, we must limit the number we refer to, to keep the pages of this paper at three pages. We will also discuss the major networking services. Lastly we discuss the differences among the two operating systems. The first thing we will delve into Is how the NOS connects to a network. It connects through a modem and a network interface card, also called a NIC card. There are many types of Network cards today, and they must be able to communicate with the network operating system for Internet activities to function. According to: PISD (2012), Both Linux and Windows based operating systems have an Administrator function that allows you to organize resources, control access to files, and check networking operations. Also both Linux and Windows can use peer to peer or client servers. Peer to peer networking is the ability to share all resources from all computers that are connected. This includes all hardware and software. In this type of connection all computers are users of resources and providers if resources are needed. Peer to Peer is cheaper to maintain over a client/server network and work well for small business offices. Client/server network’s take computers or mainframes and designate them to one function or the other. Either they are users of network resources or providers. When

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