Network Layout Essay

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Acme engineering company I understand that you are setting up a new office in Figmont, Nebraska and will have 20 employees working there and you want a recommendation of what type of client-server configuration I would recommend. Considering that you have a primary location and this will be an additional location, I would recommend that you have one stationary computer that will act as the server that will be in the same location as the router. Then connect the router to a switch and then connect each room of the building to the switch creating a LAN (Local Area Network). Then you can connect router to router with your other office buildings on a WAN (Wide Area Network). This way you can ensure that both locations can then communicate on the same network. This will also ensure that setting provisions and protocols for your network easier. This would also allow the information that is being distributed in the database to be seen by the other location as well, ensuring that a constant flow of information and data is available at both locations. From: Ronald Campbell To: Rebop Pakulah I have read your email and have come to the conclusion that if you set up a LAN here at my location where the internet is much stronger you can then link the router on this network to the router at your current location and create a WAN. You can then amplify the signal there so that the signal will stay consistently strong throughout your location. This will also ensure that both locations will be able to see the same information on the network allowing for better communication and smoother running operations. Thank you, Ronald

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