Network Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods is a leader in selling quality bakery, products, meats, cheeses, and other specialty items. Back in 2000 Kudler began expanding their stores to meet the expectations of their consumers, and now have three locations to better serve you, within the San Diego area. These locations are La Jolla which they first opened their doors to the public in 1998, and then came Del Mar two years later in 2000. In 2003 they opened up their third and final store in Encinitas. These three stores are in desperate need to have their systems upgraded, and including their network systems. Current System The current system which has 56k modems in all locations is not suitable, and our outdated for what Kudler wants to accomplish as far as adding…show more content…
The IPX (internet packet exchange) shows up in the third layer of the model. In which is if a device that needs to have communication to it or in a different network then the IPX takes that information and sends it the designation throughout the network. The SPX (Sequenced Packet Exchange) protocol which as the same as IPX is also on layer three so the network is more reliable, datagram connection. The network core Protocol (NCP) is a server routine that is degned to process application requests from Netware ( Some of the things that NCP does include file access, printer access, security. Using TCP/IP (transfer control protocol) which is also on layer three and four of the model, and it allows a network to communicate through ort 80 or also known as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol. These protocols would be chosen based on the security, and the devices it needs to access the internet. In anything to do with networks and computers security is always number one so putting a WPA2 enterprise with a wireless router, in place would be very beneficial for Kudler so the router and the network can have a passcode in place so there will be no outside influences to hack the system. The authentication of the Radius server will be used for the WPA Enterprise which the router uses is 802. Radius server is a client/server protocol which does allow server to access remotely to a central server…show more content…
The upgrade would be beneficial to increase the response time and keep the network form going down. Kudler system is very outdated that includes the hardware, the Operating system, software, the 56k modem are the main reason for in proper terminology of response times, latency, and jitter of the whole infrastructure of the network. Response time is what it takes the system to react to a command like using pinging. The Operating system is running 98 which are very old and slower OS so this makes the response time slower from the users request. The processor Pentium II is very outdated and this can also cause the slower response time. Kudler bandwidth is part of the latency, and the jitter issues on the network. Jitter is the “amount of randomness in latency and it is measured in milliseconds” (Puri, Shubhla). The speeds that a 56k modem uses are 56,000 bps and the response time of that is very slow and which causes a low bandwidth. These three stores will need a cable or DSL set up so there internet is always on for better customer service, faster performance and faster response time or in another words a T1line which the speed will increase to 1.544 Mbps. Traffic analysis which is used for network detection and intrusions from outside sources, and is done by command lines tools which will provide information about the network latency. Nagios will be used to identify any

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