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How Technology Could Contribute to a Sustainable World Philip J. Vergragt GTI Paper Series Frontiers of a Great Transition 12 8 Tellus Institute 11 Arlington Street Boston, MA 02116 Phone: 1 617 2665400 Email: Tellus Web: GTI Web: © Copyright 2006 by the Tellus Institute Series Editors: Orion Kriegman and Paul Raskin Manuscript Editors: Faye Camardo, Loie Hayes, Pamela Pezzati, Orion Stewart Cover Image: Stephen Bernow and Devra Ehrenberg Printed on recycled paper The Great Transition Initiative GTI is a global network of engaged thinkers and thoughtful activists who are committed to rigorously assessing and creatively imagining a great transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and a healthy planet. GTI’s message of hope aims to counter resignation and pessimism, and help spark a citizens movement for carrying the transition forward. This paper series elaborates the global challenge, future visions, and strategic directions. GTI Paper Series Frontiers of a Great Transition The Global Moment and its Possibilities 1. 2. Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead (Raskin, Banuri, Gallopín, Gutman, Hammond, Kates, Swart) Planetary civilization, global scenarios, and change strategies The Great Transition Today: A Report From the Future (Raskin) An optimistic vision of global society in the year 2084 Institutional Transitions 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Global Politics and Institutions (Rajan) Principles and visions for a new globalism Visions of Regional Economies in a Great Transition World (Rosen and Schweickart) Reinventing economies for the twenty-first century Transforming the Corporation (White) Redesigning the corporation for social purpose Trading into the Future: Rounding the Corner to Sustainable Development (Halle)

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