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But has this entire social media taken over our lives. Have we become addicted to online networks? Social networking has taken over our lives as we find ourselves more engaged in social media everyday. There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself, do you find your friends asking you to get of your Facebook or twitter, are you always updating your profile even at work. If you ask yourself how many times you find yourself on a social networking site you might realize it is more than half your day. Has the social network become something we cannot leave without, do we feel like we have to have it all the time, is it distracting our day today life activities. Everyone shares his or her live one way or another. YouTube has placed a big party in peoples life for example it has gave people fame and healthy. A lot of these girls show their style and teach others how to lean to do their make up. Also it some teen-agers have expressed there feeling on YouTube. For example a couple of weeks ago a young teen-ager named Amanda Todd did a video of bullied in school and online. Then she cutting and humiliation up until she died. She was bullied because of things she did on and everyone start to say bad thing about her and it hurt her so much that she killed her self. This is an example of how the social media is taking over our lives. Everyone is on his or her phone checking their Facebook states or other social networks. There times that people are eating out and the other person is on their phone and not making attention. I have seen this happen and it's happen to me, its very frustrating knowing their not making attention to the other person their always on their phone. It has got very bad now that people are starting to kill him or her because of online bulling or something else. It’s very sad to see this happen because Internet shouldn’t have such a big impact to our

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