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Multimode and Single mode Fiber Questions 1. For signaling, what type of technology does fiber optics employ? Visible spectrum 2. Is fiber optic cable easy to tap? no 3. In what type of situation would you employ multimode fiber optic cable? Short hall communication between building that is next to each other 4. What would be a conventional light source for multimode fiber optic cable? led 5. In what situation would you employ single mode fiber optic cabling? For long distances up to 100km without processing 6. What would be a conventional light source for single mode fiber optic cabling? Laser beams UTP, STP, and Coaxial Cabling Questions 1. What type of cable do the terms 10base5, "Thicknet", RG-8, 10base2, and RG-58 describe? Coaxial cables 2. What type of cabling uses conductor pairs that are twisted? Twisted pair copper cabling 3. What differentiates UTP from STP? Shielding protects against interference STP(shielded twisted pair) unlike UTP (unshielded twisted pair) 4. What is the most common form of Ethernet cabling for Local Area Networks? UTP Cable Categories What is the EIA? Electronic industries alliance an alliance of trade associations and develops standards for the industry What is the TIA? Telecommunications industry association - standards, market analysis , trade shows, gov’t affairs, etc. For what is Category 3 cable used? Supported 10 mbit/s Ethernet and 5 mbit/s token ring Compare and contrast Cat5 and Cat5e cable. Cat 5 supports 100 mbit/s Ethernet Cat 54 support 1 gbit/s ethernet In what situation would you want to employ Cat6 cable? Used for high end network infrastructure Crossover and Straight through Cables 1. What is an Ethernet straight through cable? When would you use it? Most common Ethernet cable connect workstations to network devices When connect your

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