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Lab Report 1. How should an Internet connection be made for the current campus? Why did you select this option over the others? AT&T is the carrier providing service to the existing campus as well as the new campus. Examine the offerings for Internet access to select the one that should be used. (10 points) AT&T offers a VPLS based service called “Wide Area Ethernet.” The advantage of this system is that it provides the feel of a LAN service (with self-managed connectivity) over AT&T MPLS network. The connection is designed to provide higher enough bandwidth (up to 10Gbs) to handle bandwidth intensive services such as VoIP while allowing customer provided encryption along with Quality of Services and Class of Services variations. I chose this option for a few different reasons; researching the costs of running your own fiber line between $35-70 thousand dollars a mile and having to maintain the lines yourself could be an inefficient way to go. MPLS networks have the advantage of running multiple protocols so the college could have different protocols for different features and with AT&T maintaining access and connections you will end up with a higher level of performance and guarantee of continuous connectivity. 2. How should the existing and new campus locations be connected to each other? (10 points) I had looked at running a single mode fiber line from one campus to the other but with the amount it would cost, coupled with redundancy and further maintenance I find it a better fit to acquire services through the internet provider (AT&T) as they offer an MPLS network with the feel of a LAN and a packet switching network (to increase reliability) that provides both QoS and CoS. 3. Should the two locations share an Internet connection? (10 points) I believe that the community college would be better served having a different connection at each

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