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Week 3 Assignment DeVry University NETW320: Converged Networks with Lab SIP Trunk Submitted to: Professor: Date: Week 3 Assignment A SIP trunk is an IP connect that is used to establish a SIP connection between an organization and an Internet Telephone Service Provider. SIP is the standard by IETF, which is based on HTTP designed for real-time use over the Internet. A trunk is a line or link that carries multiple signals at once. SIP trunks are typically used to connect an organization from its central site to the ITSP. However, branch sites can be used to connect the organization to the ITSP. In the past physical wires were used to connect the organization to the ITSP. However, SIP uses VoIP to facilitate a connection via the Internet. Using the VoIP instead of a traditional telephone trunk enables the communication with fixed and mobile telephone users all over the world ( SIP trunks have become extremely popular because they converge video, voice, and data on a single link. Converging on a single line decreases an organizations cost and enhances multimedia reliability. Before SIP trunking businesses had to purchase PRI’s to power their phone systems. Even if the business didn’t need all of the 23 PRI channels, they were still required to buy them. A business can purchase a SIP trunk on a as need basis. SIP also provides with better voice quality. Subscribers that use SIP trunking can start and accept local and long distance calls, make 911 calls during emergencies, provide Access directory assistance, and use fixed and mobile telephone sets. One of the primary advantages of SIP trunking is that you can consolidate your organization’s connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) at a central site, as opposed to its predecessor, time division multiplexing (TDM) trunking, which typically requires a separate

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