Netw 208 Week 7 Ilab Troubleshooting Wans Essay

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NETW 208 Week 7 ilab Troubleshooting WANs Purchase here Product Description Lab 7 of 7: ElementK Labs 1075-spv: Troubleshooting WANs Accessing Your Lab If you are new to Element K or have questions about the iLabs, please read the ElementK iLab Tutorial to learn more about requirements, launching, scheduling, and sharing your labs. Using your student credentials, log in to Element K (log-in screen shown below). After logging in to Element K, click Development Paths to see all courses you have access to; NETW208 will be listed on this page. Click on the NETW208 course link (in red) to see the weekly labs. Starting Your Lab To go to your lab, click on the appropriate weekly lab URL. There are two ways to start a lab activity. • Schedule it (recommended) o Because you have access to live equipment, there is only a defined number of students who can use any one lab at any given time. It is recommended to schedule your labs to make sure the lab is available to you at your convenience. If you try to log in to a lab and your access is denied, the system will let you schedule the lab at a later date. • Start it right away Note: If all lab resources are being used when you try to start your lab, then you will be given an opportunity to schedule the lab at a later time. L A B O V E R V I E W Scenario/Summary Welcome to your Week 7 Lab! 1075-spv: Troubleshooting WANs In this lab, you will gain experience and write something about the objectives of the lab. Deliverables You are required to submit a lab report to this week’s iLab Dropbox. i L A B S T E P S Download Lab Report Template Download and use this lab report template for your labs. Do not turn in separate documents for each lab or create your own document! Each lab is easily identified

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