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Netscape’s IPO 1. Why are investors so excited about Netscape? It has been noted that Netscape’s initial public offering happens during the dot-com bubble (1995-2000). Investors felt so excited about the dot-com bubble and they dared to spend their spare cash investing and day-trading, which caused a lot of money to chase the available investment opportunities. Netscape’s story has the same connotation. Moreover, because Netscape owned very powerful products that time, i.e., Netscape Navigator and Netscape’s server software, investors speculated that its stock price would continue to soak. In detail, Netscape Navigator was the leading client software program that allowed individual personal computer users to exchange information and conduct commerce on the internet. With the user-friendly interface as a guide, Navigator offered a variety of Internet functions including Web browsing, file transfers, news group communications and email. What appears to be its strategy? Netscape focused on developing these two products. Netscape Navigator is a web browser, and Netscape’s server software helps create web sites and operate web server. When these two products combine together, Netscape can magnify its strengths in the market. Netscape led the position with user-friendly products and software with enhanced security code that provides confidentiality required to execute financial transactions and to sell advertisements on the Internet and private IP networks. What must it do to achieve a long-term success? How risky is its current competitive position? Achieving long-term success was not an easy game for Netscape. Microsoft was perhaps the most formidable competitor in the long-term because Microsoft integrated its web browser in its operating system Windows 95. Microsoft browser (Internet Explorer) could also perform similar functions: broader

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