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NETFLIX MARKETING PLAN OUTLINE Name Institution NetflixMarketing Plan Outline 1.0 Company Description Netflix, Inc. is a provider of online movie rental subscription service that has over 40 million subscribers in more than 40 countries within parts of Europe, South America and North America. The company provides its members with three different services that include domestic streaming, international streaming and DVD by mail services. Domestic and international streaming entails offering its subscribers within the United States and other countries access to a variety of DVD and Blu-ray titles and other streaming content choiceson nearly any internet-connected screen. It also provides flat rate DVD mailing services using Permit Reply Mail within the United States. 1.1 Company History Netflix, Inc. was founded in California in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It started its operations in August 1997 offering its services using a pay per rent model in which it had only 925 works. The monthly subscription services were not offered until September 1999 when the company launched these services and dropped the initial single rental model. In 2002, the company made an initial public offering of its shares in which it sold 5.5 million shares of common stock at $ 15 for each share on May 2002. Since its incorporation the company has expanded tremendous to offer its services in more 40 countries. Ever since the company has been growing financially as the subscriber base continues to increase. Even though the company had recorded in its first few years, in 2003 it started being profitable recording a profit of $ 6.5 million which has since increased to $ 112 million during fiscal year 2013. It has also expanded in its services from the initial 925 works and it is now offering over 150,000 Blu-ray and DVD titles with an additional streaming content choices

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