Netflix Marketing Plan

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Netflix Marketing Plan Executive summary This marketing plan seeks to encourage growth of sales and returns on capital by encouraging more subscriptions. It also intends to intensify promotional campaigns and support customer relations and experiences. The employees too will have a chance to grow and be satisfied working at Netflix. Through it, Netflix is bound to consolidate itself as a mega streaming content distributor worldwide. Mission Statement We endeavor to be a leading company in distributing entertainment content that is affordable, accessible, quality and affordable. We also want our shareholders to earn better sustainably. Our employees should also have an environment that grows them and thus work well in entertaining the society and making it livelier. Identifying Company Goals and Objectives Netflix aims to retain and increase its members through blogs, social media forums, and internet presence and through the usage of mobile applications. It is also our dearest objective to capitalize heavily on our competitive advantage of being the leading distributor of online content. This will be a key are in increasing our sales. As sales spiral, we endeavor to grow our revenue by 30% and subsequently hike our per share earnings by 50 cents. Managing the Business Portfolio Our portfolio will feature three products. The three are DVDs, movies and entertainment shows’ videos. This is preferred because it has heavy demand among the youth. Also, it is the easiest to identify with since most of the producers and actors are celebrities loved much by the youth. Strategic Business Unit Planning Developing the Strategic Business Unit Mission We want to be known as the source of the best ever movies, shows and documentaries that reach the customer conveniently and at reasonable rates. It is also our mission to always cater for the needs of our

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