Netflix and Redbox

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Competition in the Movie Rental Industry: Netflix and Redbox EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This analysis will cover the movie rental industry and providing recommendations to Redbox and Netflix. Movie rental industry is rapidly changing much of the once dominant force in movie rental Blockbuster is slowly shifting to the now increasing power house Netflix for most consumers’ movie rental choice. The recommendations for Netflix in order to maintain its dominance in the field is to maintain its low cost in subscription, increase its video library, collaborate with Television providers to incorporate Netflix directly into the Televisions. Recommendations for Redbox is to maintain its kiosk location, but also move into internet streaming where they provide newer movies for its same one dollar fee. ANALYSIS Netflix, Redbox and Competitors Netflix is the world’s largest subscriptions service for streaming of online movies and TV episodes as well as sending DVD’s through mail. Redbox has over 22,000 kiosk locations within the continental United States and United Kingdom with DVD rentals and the cost of one dollar a day to its customers. New Entrants Ease of entrance is a main factor in the strength of both Redbox and Netflix, in the number of competitors, now with mostly online video streaming you only need computers, software and servers and distribution rights to enter the market. With more companies and competition Netflix and Redbox do not have to fight over customers. Buyer Bargaining Power The buyer bargaining power is increased with more entrance it is more likely that the consumer will have the choice to purchase a product with the lowest price. So value in terms of what you get for the cost can become the focal point of Netflix, if they continue to distribute more movies and television shows than its competitors Netflix will remain the market leader
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