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Natasha Jones MKTG307 I001 February 26, 2012 Professor David Bouvin Netflix The average Netflix customer is looking for convenience at an affordable price. The lifestyle of a consumer who is attracted to Netflix is one who reads magazines, who is either a blue collar or white collar worker, recycles and is environmentally conscious. Looking at psychographics we are able to determine the values, attitudes, personality, interests, opinions and lifestyles of the targeted audience. (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2007) Psychographic is more than just looking at a consumer’s gender or age. It allows markets to target consumers based on their lifestyles. Seeing that we know the average Netflix user is at least female and 35 years old (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2007), the psychographic profile might be that the consumer is married, drives a family car, watches television and listens to the radio and spends a lot of money their kids. The psychographic profile is extremely useful in developing an ad campaign. The profile helps identify consumers who enjoyed watching movies and is environmentally conscious. This tool allows marketers to target the right audience on several different media fronts like on the internet, in newspapers and magazines, and on the radio. Lindquist and Sirgy note that a family life cycle has an influence on purchases made for the home or household. (2007) Marketers want to identify what each family life cycle has in common and where they differ in their buying habits. The shift to a two income household and a change in who primarily makes the bulk of purchasing decisions is an indication of the family’s buying habits and structure. (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2007) Marketers for Netflix know that one of the characteristics of a two income household is that convenience is priority. (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2007) Netflix would be appealing to a household with

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