Compare And Contrast The Sound Of Thunder And Nethergrave

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Literary Trait Comparison of The Sound Of Thunder and Nethergrave Ray Bradbury’s, “The Sound of Thunder,” and Gloria Skurzynski’s story, “Nethergrave” are two good works of science fiction. They both develop their stories through the use of technology, which is the key element in any science fiction story. In Skurzynki’s, Nethergrave, a boy named Jeremy chooses a virtual world over the real world because in reality he feels clumsy, bullied, uncomfortable and alone (Skurzynki, 314-324). In Bradbury’s, The Sound of Thunder, we meet Eckels, a man who views himself as the ultimate hunter and decides to go on a time travel safari to shoot a Tyrannosaurs Rex but when faced with the reality of the beast, he becomes terrified and flees. As he scrambles away he goes off the Path and changes the course of history, and in turn, the future forever (Bradbury, 288-300). It is my belief, that “The Sound of Thunder” is an overall better work of science fiction based on several literary traits. Those traits are the role of technology in the stories, the development of the setting and the theme or message of the…show more content…
While technology can be beneficial and useful it can also cause negative consequences. In science fiction plots, the growing technological advances often times result in negative effects on humankind. In The Sound of Thunder, we see the use of the time machine and how it ended up changing the course of history forever (Bradbury, 288-300). In Nethergrave, the boy Jeremy felt more comfortable in his online chat room world where he chose to create a different persona for himself that differed from reality. In the end he chose the live in a whole new virtual world, which resulted in Jeremy ending his life on planet earth (Skurzynki, 314-324). Technology, like everything else, can be both corruptive and
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